A pidgin trac 34-es ticketje eléggé megmagyarázza, miért nincs még webcam support.

Add voice and video support for all protocols that support it. This WILL happen eventually, but it is a rather large undertaking and very few core developers are interested in working on it.

DO NOT leave a comment here asking us when it will be finished, or asking us to hurry, or telling us why we should spend all our free time working on it.

If you really want to help, have 15 hours a week of free time, have at least five years experienced programming in C and have experience with undocumented network protocols then please email our devel mailing list and ask where you can get started.

Hm… Valahogy megértem. Nekem se lenne kedvem lekódolni valamit, ami abszolút nincs dokumentálva… Viszont vállalkozó szelleműek megoldhatják. 🙂

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